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Marketing Management South Asian Perspective Philip Kotler Koshy Jha 14th Edition

Category:Marketing books Category:Management books Category:Textbooks Category:Marketing strategyWe're not talking about all the people who have been patiently waiting for a class-action suit to be filed on their behalf by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – there are numerous plaintiffs who are already engaged in the process of suing their employers for the use of race-based preferences. The EEOC has its issues, but its "look both ways before you cross" policy against the violation of anti-discrimination laws is a decidedly better approach than what is being used now. There is a system to evaluate what is legally permissible and what isn't. It was designed with that in mind. The preferences are allowed, because the people who designed it intended them to be. Granted, those who were going to complain about the preferences have had the system on their side for a long time. It's hard to imagine any response to what is going on, but you have to wonder whether some of the media is so inured to this sort of thing, that they simply can't comprehend that there are limits to what is legal and what is not. We will get to the professor and school district soon. The professor, who was put on administrative leave, responded with a statement of his own, where he expressed "profound regret" that he was complicit in something he called "a planned, organized and centrally directed scheme to harm blacks." Oh, come on. This wasn't about "harm" or "a centrally directed scheme" to "hurt blacks." It's about the preferences. He got himself a fat and comfy federal job. He should just shut up and take the money. What's the matter, Professor? Did you leave your heart in Charleston? If so, you are going to be sorry. Now, back to the school district. As a result of the investigation, Cleveland ISD Superintendent Dr. John Covington has announced a suspension of services, effective immediately. This is now a legal proceeding. This happened in a "postage stamp" school district, with no full-time superintendent since the year 2000. A lot of time, effort and money have been spent on this case, and now the district has no option but to spend more of it. I don't know what is going to happen, but be359ba680

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